Friday, October 5, 2012

Can the circle be unbroken...

AgentOfDoubt nails it - A+theism is the Tea Party of the freethought/skeptic movement.

Now, I'm pretty liberal in my social and political views, certainly by the standards of the part of the US where I live. But when you look at the manifesto of A+, and their jeremiads against misogyny, racism, ablism, speciesism, homophobia, heteronormativism, cis-gender-normativism, cis-vestite-normativism, neurotypicalism, etc, etc... it really looks like a self-parody of bleeding-heart political correctness gone berserk.

It really shows how immature the plussers are that they insist on mindless lockstep conformity with their rigid ideological agenda on an ever-growing laundry list of victimhood grievance issues. Out in the real world, people are building coalitions, learning to work with other people who aren't clones of them, and GSD (Getting Shit Done).

Hopefully A+ will self-destruct (as I predict it will) before it does permanent damage to the cause of secularism.

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