Friday, October 5, 2012

Expelled: No Freethought Allowed

The plussers have tasted blood - Justin Vacula was forced out of his position at the SCA, mere days after he was appointed. The slavethought bullies who forced his departure with their mouth-foaming witch hunt are crowing insufferably.

I don't know Justin personally, but from everything I've heard, he done a great job promoting freethought and rationalism in his neck of the woods (Pennsylvania), despite harassment and threats - while Weepy Amy was selling her stupid trinkets. Unfortunately the two of them got into a pissing match, both sides played hardball, and both did things that were not their finest moments.

The difference is that Justin was big enough to admit it and apologize, as he does in a very classy way at the above link. He was also mature enough to see that the whole shitstorm was hurting the SCA, and took a bullet instead of letting his ego get in the way - something I can't imagine the immature and narcissistic Amy ever doing.

It was probably the correct decision for Justin to step aside, but it sets a horrible precedent. Do you think the A+theism witch-hunters will stop there, satisfied with their work? Of course not! In their cult's short existence they have already notched up an impressive record of doc-dropping, IRL harassment, contacting people's employers and professors etc. to destroy anyone perceived as an enemy of their mindless extremist fanaticism. The loathsome slimeball Greg bin Laden has been trying to get DJ Groethe fired and replaced by Rebecca Watson, Watson herself has launched a boycott campaign against Richard Dawkins and attempted to smear Laurence Krauss as a child sex trafficker, the list goes on. [Clarification: I struck out the stuff about Watson only because she did it before A+theism was formed.]

From now on, every position of any visibility in any national or regional freethought/skeptic organization is subject to a veto by the professional screamers and bedwetters of the FtB/Skepchick Axis of Misandry. Anyone who departs from rigid ideological lockstep with their radfem agenda will be hounded out of office unless we nip this shit in the bud right now. We need to grow a backbone and stand up to these screeching harpies!

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