Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oppression: a Helpful Guide for Victim Feminists

  • Genocide?
  • Slavery?
  • Concentration camps?
  • Famine as government policy?
  • Seeing a T-shirt you don't agree with?
  • Spotting a homeless man masturbating in the street?
  • Being politely invited for coffee, even if you consider the guy "creepy" (i.e. he's not Brad Pitt or Warren Buffett)?

1 comment:

  1. Oppression is Rebecca Watson receiving epithet-and-gendered slur-filled death threats and rape threats for politely declining to go to this man's hotel room for "coffee" at 4 AM. Don't act so naive.

    Cyber mobs of angry men have attacked countless women for expressing feminist views by sending them rape threats, death threats, and posting their names and addresses online. I guess they can't win in the arena of ideas so they resort to threats and harassment; it's truly pathetic. Debating ideas and disagreeing with feminists is fine, but threatening to kill these women and posting their address in hopes of causing them harm is sick, twisted behavior. And almost nobody in the MRA community acknowledges it.

    Furthermore, that entire situation about a "coffee" invitation is exactly what "Schrödinger's Rapist" was about. Society spends half the time saying that women who get raped did something to cause it to happen, and the other half is spent labeling women as "paranoid" for trying to be cautious and look for red flags to protect themselves. Which is it?

    Anyway, a total stranger isolated Rebecca Watson alone in an elevator and asked her to join him in his hotel room. That was creepy and certainly a red flag. It wouldn't matter if he looked like Brad Pitt.

    Perhaps if he had approached her in the group and genuinely asked her to join him for coffee in the hotel lobby the next morning, then she may have said yes. But he didn't do that because he wasn't interested in enjoying friendly conversation over coffee. Don't act 15.